Start your day in the best way possible
with a hearty and tasty breakfast,
always included in the room rates.

Every morning, an inviting buffet will be available with:

  • DIFFERENT SORTS OF TYROLEAN BREAD as well as classic fresh bread rolls
  • “IL MONGETTO” JAMS made only with fruit and sugar and no added preservatives
  • SEVERAL ITALIAN HONEYS, single-flower honeys, untreated comb honeys
  • FRESH POLLEN to add to yoghurt
  • 6 TYPES OF MILK: Skimmed, semi-skimmed, full-fat, goat’s, soya and lactose-free
  • YOGHURT – natural or fruit flavoured, to which fresh fruit salad, soft fruits, cereals, muesli, dried fruit and nuts or grains can be added
  • HOME-MADE CAKES FROM OUR CAKE-SHOP: strudel, poppy-seed cake, buckwheat cake, jam tarts and many more
  • ASSORTED CHOICE OF CHEESE from the finest “De Gust” selection
  • SELECTION OF TEAS AND HERBAL TEAS from the celebrated “Dammann” brand
  • GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS: Bread, rusk bread, muesli, madeleine cookies
  • ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Milk, fruit juices, butter, honey, eggs, cheese

... and if you can’t find what you want on the buffet, you can always ask Timea or Martha who will be glad to prepare your favourite breakfast.

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Christmas Market Magic

Christmas Market Magic

The offer is valid for the following check in dates: 30.11., 1.12 and 2.12.2014; 8.12 and 9.12; 14.12, 15.12 and 16.12;

Bolzano Wellness

Bolzano Wellness

From 7th to 30th of September

STADTHOTELCITTÀ BOLZANO, Piazza Walther 21, T 0471 975221

The only Sacher shop beyond the borders of Austria, home of the famous Sacher cake.

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Bolzano Bozen